How To Setup Google Chromecast – Complete Guide with Pictures

If you are lucky enough to have a Google Chromecast but still don’t know how to proceed with the setup we’ll let you know how to do it.

Google thinks that the device is so easy to set it up that the instructions are one page long. So friends, in this post, we will provide you each and everything about google chromecast. So, lets’s get started.

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Video Version of Chromecast Setup

Inside of a Google Chromecast Box

The Chromecast box contains,

  1. ChromeCast HDMI Stick (Main Device)
  2. USB Cable
  3. Charger
  4. HDMI extender (Extension to connect ChromeCast Device to Television’s HDMI Slot)
  5. Product Manual

Chromecast Setup

Setting up Chromecast is very easy. Just follow these steps.

Chromecast Setup

Step 1: Plug in your Chromecast device

Plug the male HDMI connector of the Chromecast into the HDMI port of your TV. In case that i the fit is too tight, then use the included HDMI extension cable.

Now attach the included USB cable to the microUSB port in the Chromecast. The other end of the USB cable must be connected to the power adapter, and plug it into an outlet.

Some people report that they also have been able to use the USB port of their Samsung Series 8000 HDTV to power the Chromecast device. So if your TV has a USB port, you can also give use that port to give power.

Step 2: Switch on Your Television (TV)

Chromecast Setup Select HDMI

Swith on your TV and select the external input related to the HDMI port where you connected your Chromecast (it should be HDMI1, HDMI2 HDMI3 or HDMI4). If everything is done properly you should see the following image on your TV.

Step 3: Connect your Chromecast device

  • If your PC or laptop isn’t connected to your network do it.
  • Download and install Google Chrome browser in case you didn’t already.
  • Launch the Chromecast utility, and it will immediately start searching for the Chromecast device. Once it finds your Chromecast, it will display the device’s name both on your TV and your PC. Click Continue in the installer. Once it connects, a code will appear both on your TV and PC.
  • Press the button that says “That’s my Code” if the codes match.
  • During this time you’ll lose your notebook’s Internet connection because the utility is connecting to the Chromecast via Wi-Fi, and configuring the device’s Wi-Fi to connect directly to your wireless network.

Setup Finished

The Chromecast is designed to pull videos directly from Internet through your wireless network, so it obviously needs to connect to your Wi-Fi.

Setup Chromecast Finished

Using the Chromecast utility, select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password (if you have one). Here, you can also change the name of the Chromecast device if you want.

Final Word

Now your Chromecast should be connected to your TV you should see a home screen with lot’s of enetertaining videos, music, etc. So friends, this is the complete process to setup new chromecast device designed by google. i hope this article helps you a lot.

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