Hi Friends, Welcome to Tech2Charge. If you are looking for Good Open World Games for Android, where you can do whatever you want, similar to the Grand Theft Auto you come to the right place. We Below Provide You List of best Best Open World Games For Android.

7 Best Open World Games For Android Like GTA

Here is a Collection of Best Open World Games for Android Smartphones. By Installing These Games, You will Feel like You are Playing Game Like GTA. So, Let’s Know All The Games.

Best Collection,

1. Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Gangstar Vegas World of Crime

If you want to play the open-world style game which is an alternative to GTA than we have to mention Gangster Vegas. The Game received (54,83,128) positive reviews and Rating of 4.4 On The Play Store. Vegas is offered to steal cars to race down the strip, shoot their rivals in casinos and to optimize their thread to shoot rival gangs.

This game also features a lot of things to do games like GTA. Features like Free races in a huge open game world filled with gang wars, theft, vice, auto racing, sniper action, clan intrigues, zombie shooting, and other absolutely fun and completely wild and much more.

2. Gangster New Orleans

Gangster New Orleans

Gangstar New Orleans is a Brand New And one of the Best Open World Games For Android. In This Game, you can work your way towards various in-game goals such as meeting some missions to gain access to new missions, or you can drive around the city and if you pass If you do, you can choose a mission.

At Gangstar New Orleans Open World, you can steal cars, shoot someone, and take the police. Gangstar New Orleans is another Best Open World Games like Grand Theft Auto in that respect. The fact is that you can get out of your car.

It is such, many of the GTA games were missing. This is particularly fun because the police can shoot at you while chasing a stolen car.

Another feature of this game, you can hide from the police, but they often find you, even if they lose sight of you. The ragdoll effect is fun, especially when you run on your enemies and see them flying with your front bumper.

By these amazing features, Gangster New Orleans is in our list of “Best Open World Games for Android” and It is an Android Games Like GTA.

3. Go To Street 2

Go To Street 2

Go To Street 2 is an Another New Open World Game For Android. The “Go to Street 2” game comes with some amazing features and offers you new opportunities to revolve around the magnificent city with your favorite character.

Enjoy all the opportunities offered by the big city, including the fitness club, dance club, auto salon, park with the coaster, hotel room, etc.

The city is a seashore, so you can enjoy the beautiful beach and swim in the water. You can relax in your hotel room with a great view. The game offers a chance to earn money with taxi driving. Then you can buy your own exclusive sports car by using that money and also you can buy a helicopter.

With this game, you can drive specifically designed road cars around the city. Enjoy this Game with your Android. Because it’s a Games Like GTA.

4. Bully


Bully is an Open World Games For Android. If you play this game, then it will feel like GTA Game. It is developed by Rockstar Games you can play it on Your Android Phone. This is a great action-adventure where you are put in a school environment.

You play James Jimmy Hopkins, who is a rebel student of the Bullworth Academy.

Play Bully, You can easily locate the campus to complete several mini-games, side missions and definitely the main quest. By going to school classes, you are able to unlock your abilities and new items.

For example, when you practice English, in this way you can get better out of the situation, while chemistry will unlock firecrackers and stick to the bomb. Friends, It’s another Games like GTA.

5. Clash of Crime Mad City War Go

Clash of Crime Mad City War Go

Clash of Crime Mad City War Go – an exciting action game on Android, where you will play the role of the bad guy. In this android game, your main task is to beat power across the city and become the most famous bandit.

Earn money by dishonest means, robbing people, shops and banks. Ride Big and Royal car on a steep city and perform numerous tasks presented in this mind-blowing game. Increase your power and credit in the eyes of the whole mafia and criminal world and take their place in their society. Then, you will win this game.

This game also will give you a huge arsenal of weapons, a variety of beautiful cars and girls, as well as dynamic chases and gunfire. Press on the gas pedal to the limit and race at high speed over the vast city.

6. Crime Wars of San Andreas

Crime Wars of San Andreas

The crime war of San Andreas is a simulator of criminal life with the open world. You play the role of a steep gangster who wants to gain control of all areas of San Andreas. To do this, you have to clear the Mafia city using any of the techniques and weapons that fall under your arm.

In this game, you have complete freedom of action and you do not need to focus on the main task. Using the mini-map, you will find useful items and weapons that will help you to complete a mission or just have fun.

7. MadOut2 BigCity Online

MadOut2 BigCity Online

In This Game, you have to become the king of the streets. The big part of the action will be on your car’s wheel, but who said that you can not get out of it and take a car and polish someone’s face.

The variety of cars in the game is amazing, family sedans, and the most unrealistic sports cars. Apart from this, you can participate in these races, can work and move easily around the huge city. And if you get tired of playing alone, you can go to the server and fight online.

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