Searching Online For “How to UnZip Files in Windows 10“. Here is a Complete Zip Unzip Tutorial with Video for you to learn How To Extract or Open Zip Files in Windows 10. You Can also Use Old Operating System like Windows 7 and Windows 8 to Do this Process.

It’s a Very Easy and Simple Process to Do. So Friends, Let’s Go and Do The Extracting Process in Windows 10. Lets get started.

Steps to Unzip Files in Windows 10

In Windows 10, Unzipping/Extracting Compressed Zip/RAR Files is Very Easy. Because You Can Do it by Software and Without Software.Many Software Available in The Market.

So, You Can Do These Steps with Zip Extractor Software. WinRAR Extractor is a Great Tool to Create and Extract Compressed Zip/RAR Files Easily.

To Unzip Files in Windows 10. We will Need a Software Called WinRAR. So that we can Easily Extract Files in Windows. If You Don’t Know “How To Create Zip File“.

Then Read Our Latest Article. Where We Explained “How To Create Compressed Zip/RAR Files in Windows“. So Friends Let’s Go and Start the Process in The Next Paragraph.

Step 1: Download WinRAR Extractor

To Open Zip Files in Windows 10, You Need a Software Called WinRAR. Download Link For Windows Operating System is Given Below.

Download WinRAR

Step 2: Select The File to Extract

Extract Files

Select the File Which You Want to Extract/Unzip/Open in Your Windows 10 PC. Then, Right Click On the File. So that, The Action Bar Will Open.

Step 3: Click “Extract Files”

Click Extract Files

Click on The “Extract Files”. A New Windows Will Appear. In this Windows, You Need to Choose A Folder or Disk to Unzip ZIP/RAR Files.

Step 4: Select Destination Folder or Disk

Select Destination Folder or Disk

Choose The Destination (Folder/Disk) You Want to Extract the Files. A Single Folder or Disk Can be Selected. So, You Need to Select Only One Folder/Disk to Unzip.

Step 5: Click “OK” to Start Extraction

Click "OK" to Start Extraction

Click the “OK” Button to Start The Extraction in that Particular Destination. Then The Unzipping Process will Start in Your Windows PC.

Step 5: Extract/UnZip Finished

unzip files in windows 10

Your Zip/RAR Format Files is Successfully Unzipped in the Extraction Process. So, I Hope You Understood “How to UnZip a ZIP/RAR” File in Windows 7/8/10 PC.

So Friends, This is the Complete Process to Unzip Files in Windows 10 PC. I Hope You Liked this Article. Don’t Forget to Share This Article to Your Friends and Family. So they Can Learn “How to Extract Zip/RAR Files in Windows PC”. Thanks for Reading This Article.



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