If you are a Facebook mobile phone user and want to use the Facebook desktop version on your mobile phone. Then, this article is best for you. After reading this article you will access the desktop version of Facebook in your iOS or Android Phone. Its my Guarantee.

Facebook comes with 2 Version. One for mobile (Small Screen) and one for Desktops(Big Screen). But, you want to access the Desktop version on mobile. It opens the mobile version. So, to Use Facebook Desktop Version on Mobile. I have 3 easy tricks for you. So, lets know those tricks.

3 Easy Method to Use Facebook Desktop Version On Mobile Phone (100% Working in 2020)

Facebook Desktop Version On Mobile Phone

Facebook Desktop Version On Mobile Phone

#1. Using Facebook Official URL:

Facebook URL

the is one of the easiest ways to load Facebook‘s complete desktop version site on your Android phone. We can say that this is an official Facebook method because the URL we will use is the URL of FB itself.

  • Open your mobile browser and enter this URL: http://www.facebook.com/home.php address on your mobile phone.
  • It will open as a mobile website if you are not logged in, you can see a full Facebook version once you have logged in.
  • If you want to access always the full Facebook desktop site then, please bookmark that URL or Save the Website link on your mobile browser.

#2. Using Browser Internal Feature:

Facebook Desktop Version Login On Mobile

This amazing feature is present in nearly every popular browser like chrome, opera, firefox, and other browsers. This feature is called “desktop view functionality”. By using this features you will access any website desktop view functionality. I am using google chrome to access the Facebook desktop view.

  • Launch the web browser of your smartphone and click the ‘three dot‘ icon shown in the right top corner.
  • Now select ‘Request Desktop Site’ from the menu
  • Just enter Facebook.com in the address bar now and then enter.
  • Now you can see the full Facebook desktop site opened in your mobile browser.

#3. Switching Facebook Mobile To Desktop Version

Facebook Mobile Desktop Version

This is another great working method & my favourite method to use Facebook Desktop version full site on your mobile phone. In this method, you don’t need to think about anything just switch and enjoy.

  • Open your browser on your mobile phone.
  • Open http://m.facebook.com link, wait until it loads.
  • Now click the top right corner menu. Click the Desktop Site option, just click it(In my Language it’s called switching from Mobile Version to Desktop Version).
  • You can see that the desktop version facebook opened successfully.

So, Friends, These are the Best Method & Easy Way to Use Facebook Desktop Version Full Site on Your Android or iPhone Device. Please comment down below which method you have like.


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