Are you an Electrical Engineer or an Electrical Engineering Student. Looking For Best Electrical Engineering Apps For Android. Then you are in the Right Place to know the Best Free Electrical Engineering Apps For Android Device and all the best Features.

These Electrical Android Apps are Tested by My Self. Because I am also an Electrical Engineer. Trust me, These Apps are the Best App I ever used. Using This App, you can easily improve your skill, productivity, knowledge, and efficiency. So, Let’s Know the Best Electrical Apps are Made for you my Dear Friends.

Best for Student

If you are a Student or and Searching for Electrical Engineering Study app. Then, These apps will really help you are to learn Something New in Your Android Device.

Most Of the App Contain Features like,

  • Electrical Calculator
  • Scientific calculator
  • Hex Converter
  • Resistor Color Code Decoder
  • Law Calculator
  • Resistor color codes
  • Graph 89
  • Voltage Divider
  • Resistor Calculator
  • Circuit Simulator
  • Unit converter
  • etc

Best for Electrical Engineers

If you are an Electrical Engineer. Then, All of these applications is Best For You. Because, if you forget some formula and want the formula instantly. You don’t need to find your notebook.

Just, Open the Android Device and Open the Android App, Which you will choose for Download. After that, Your Problem will Be Finished in a Single Mobile Phone.

So, Let’s know the Best Electrical Apps For Electrical Engineers Described Below.

List Of [TOP 10] Best Free Electrical Engineering Apps For Android Devices:

1. EveryCircuit

EveryCircuit Android App

EveryCircuit is one of the Best Electrical Apps For Android. This app will help you to Study and Learn Each and Every Electrical Circuits Easily Using Your Android Mobile Phone. The App is capable to Build Circuit in Your Device and Check how the Circuit is Working. So, It’s a Very Good App For Engineers and Students.

Using Every Circuit Electrical Apps in Your Android Device. You will not also able to Build any circuit but also, you can watch Dynamic Voltage, Current, and Charge Animations. So, It’s a Very Good Electrical Simulator Apps For Android. It also Comes with Most Advance Simulating Features With Controls.

Wait, Wait, The Story is Not Finished of this App, Now the Original Story Start. While simulation is running, You can adjust circuit parameters with analog knob, and the circuit responds to your actions in real time. You are also able to generate an arbitrary input signal with your finger. So, this one of the Best Electrical Engineering Apps For Android. So, Let’s Know the Best Features

Best Features

  • Build Electrical Circuits Easily
  • Watch Animations of voltage Waveforms and current flows
  • The interface is Easy to Use
  • Inbuilt Oscilloscope
  • No Ads

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Download EveryCircuit Android App

2. Electrodroid

Electrodroid Android App

Electrodroid is another Best Electrical Apps For Android. It is easy to use and very simple interface with a powerful collection of electronics tools and references. So, That, It helps you to Study & Learn, Electrical and Electronics Components like Resistor, Capacitor, Diode and, Other Components.

It’s a Completely Free App(Contain Ads) with Lot’s of Component Guides. It has also a Premium Version, Which is not Contain Any Ads with More Advanced Features. The App support plugins to expand the functionality of the application. So, It’s a Best For Engineers, Students and Other Peoples who want to Learn Electrical Components. So, It’s the Best Electrical Engineering Apps For Android with lots of Attractive Features. Let’s, Know the Best Features.

Best Features of Electrodroid Electrical App

  • Easy to Use and Simple User Interface
  • The App is Total Free(Contain Ads) and Premium Version Available without Ads with Additional Features.
  • Resistor color code decoder
  • Inductor color code decoder
  • Ohm’s law calculator
  • SMD Resistor Code
  • Reactance and Resonance calculator
  • LED resistor calculator
  • Frequency Converter and Much More

Download Electrodroid Android App

3. Electrical Technology

Electrical Technology

SElectrical Technology is another Best Electrical Engineering Apps For Android. The Best Part of this App is, you can use it offline without an internet connection. So, You can Access Electrical tools as well as Electrical & Electronics Engineering Calculators in Offline Mode. This app comes with Informative Articles to Learning New Topics. So, This is Another Best Electrical Apps For Android Device.

The Electrical Technology App Came with 10+ Electrical & Electronics Engineering Calculators. So, You don’t have to Carry Any additional Calculator in your Pocket or Bag. A One App Can Do Everything. Because This App is So Advance and More Future Proof. So, This is the Best & Must Have Electrical Apps For Android for Engineers & Students.

Best Features of Electrical Technology App

  • Easy to Use. Because of Simple User Interface.
  • Work Without Internet Connection
  • 46 Language Supported Navigation
  • 46 Language Supported Navigation
  • Beautiful and easy to use Navigation
  • Icon viz Menu
  • Extra 2 Themes Included in This App

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Download Electrical Technology App

4. Electronics Toolkit

Electronics Toolkit Android App

Electronics Toolkit is an Amazing Tool For Electrical Engineers & Students. This App is Specially Designed for Engineers & Students to Do their Work in the Android Device Easily. The App User Interface is So Simple and Easy to Use. So, You can Easily Complete your Work in this App.

The Electronics Toolkit Electrical Apps Comes with Amazing tools, calculators, and Helpful Articles. These articles are Made by Engineers, Professors, Students, and Hobbyists. It Contains, Calculators like Resistor Color Code Calculator, SMD Resistor Calculator, LED Resistor Calculator and Much More in a Single App. So, It’s another Best Electrical Engineering Apps For Android. Let’s Know the Best Features of this app.

Best Features Of Electronics Toolkit Android App

  • Simple User Interface & Easy to Use
  • The app is Free for Use(Contain Ads)
  • 10+ Electrical Calculators
  • 10+ Electronics Calculators
  • Helpful Article for Electrical & Electronics Engineers
  • Future Proof Android App For Electrical Engineers
  • Future Proof Android App For Electronics Engineers
  • Download Now to Check Other Futures

Download Electronics Toolkit Android App

5. Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

‘Electrical Engineering’ Android App is Specially Made for Electrical Engineering Students and Engineers like Me. The study of Electromagnetism, Electricity, and Electronics is Know as Electrical Engineering. This App Covers ‘A 2 Z’ Electrical Knowledge from Basic to Advance. So, This another, Best Electrical Apps for your Android Device with lot’s Tutorials.

This Electrical Engineering App is better to Know Basic of Electricity. The App is Specially Made for easy learning, revisions, references in your Android Device. So, you don’t need any Pen or Paper for Revisions in Exam Time. It’s my Favourite App. Because it covers most related topics and Detailed explanation of Basic Topics. So, this another Best Electrical Engineering Apps For Android that I have Choose. What do you think? Please comment down below.

Topics Covered

  • What Is Electrical Engineering
  • Classification of Engineering Materials
  • Battery Technology
  • Power Plants and Types
  • Electrical Power Transformer
  • Electrical Motor
  • Induction Motor
  • DC Motor or Direct Current Motor
  • Alternator Synchronous Generator
  • Transmission of power
  • Electrical Theorems

Best Features of Electrical Engineering App

  • Easy to Use
  • The User Interface is So Simple
  • Free for All Time
  • Electrical Tutorials
  • Basic to Advance Electrical Engineering Guides
  • Much More

Download Electrical Engineering Android App

6. Basic Electrical Engineering

Basic Electrical Engineering Android App

The ‘Basic Electrical Engineering‘ App is a complete free handbook of Basic Electrical Engineering for Engineers and Students. It covers important topics, notes, materials, news & blogs on the course. If you are an Engineering Student, I recommend you to Download this App.

It covered All the Basic Electrical Engineering Topics. I Gifted you this Digital Book For you. Because You are my Favourite Reader. and I just tell you it’s a Must Have Electrical Apps For Every Engineer. So, What are you Waiting for My Dear Friend, Download Now?

This is a Very Useful app for Every Electrical Engineers and Students.
Because it contains 100+ topics with detailed notes, diagrams, equations, formulas & course material and Much More. So, this is another Best Electrical Engineering Apps For Android for Every Student and Engineer. So, Lets’s know the Best Features of Basic Electrical Engineering App.

Best Features of Basic Electrical Engineering Android App

  • Easy to Use and Free For Lifetime(Contains Ad)
  • The User Interface is Very Simple.
  • 100+ Free Topics Available to Read and Learn
  • Best App for Electrical Engineers.
  • Best App for Electrical Engineering Students.
  • Free to Download

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Download Basic Electrical Engineering Android App

7. Electrical Engineering Dictionary

Electrical Engineering Dictionary

Electrical Engineering Dictionary‘ is an Electrical Dictionary App for Android. Which Contains More than 3600 Electrical Engineering Terms and Lots of Electrical Formulas, Equations, Calculators and Much More. This app also contains various types of Electrical Calculator Simplify your Work. So, this is the Best Electrical Apps For Android who want to Lear Electrical Terms like Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Thermister, and Other Electrical Components.

For quick learning, this Electrical Learning App has a Quick Guide of Electrical Symbols, Electrical Formulas, Electrical Equations and Electrical Graphs. Electrical Engineering Dictionary is full of numerous Electrical Quizzes to brush up your knowledge and challenge your learning. So, This is another Best Electrical Engineering App for Android and it’s Best Another Choice for you. So, What are you waiting for, Go and Download Now?. Let us know the Best Features of This App.

Best Features of Electrical Engineering Dictionary App

  • Simple User Interface and Easy to Use
  • Contains More than 3600+ Electrical Terms
  • Various Type of Electrical Calculators
  • Electrical Formulas and Equations for quick reference.
  • A basic electrical quiz which is less of test and more of fun.

Download Electrical Engineering Dictionary Android App

08. Electrical Calculations

Electrical Calculations

Electrical Calculations is all in One Electrical Calculator App For Android. It Contains Various Types of Electrical Calculator in a Single Android App. This App Supports Multiple Languages with a Very Simple App Interface. This app Comes with Calculators like Voltage, Current, Resistance, Impedance and Much More Calculators. So, it’s a Perfect Electrical Apps for Android. Because of The Features are really Amazing. and The App is really simple and easy to use. So, this is another Best Electrical Engineering Apps For Android For You.

Best Features of Electrical Calculation App

  • Simple User Interface& Easy to Use.
  • Contains More than 50+ Electrical Calculators for Android.
  • Free for All time.
  • Best App For Electrical Calculation.

Download Electrical Calculation Android App

09. All Electrical Formula

All Electrical Formula

‘All Electrical Formula’ is a Special gift for All Electrical and Electronics Engineering Student. You will ask me, it’s a Gift, But Why?. My Dear, it’s gift Because you don’t need to Remember Complex Formulas for Solving Electrical Problems. This App Contains all the Electrical Engineering calculations and conversions including Voltage, Current, Power, Efficiency, 

The Another Best Features of this App is, It comes with an Electrical Engineering Calculator. Using this app, You able to calculate and see the formulas the Electrical Power, Resistance, Charge, Work, and Current. So, this is Another Best Electrical Engineering Apps For Android.

It Contains Formula Like,

  • Single Phase to ThreePhase Converter
  • Electrical formula
  • Power formula
  • Ohm’s law formula
  • Power equation
  • Current formula
  • Much More Formula Available.
  • To Check, Download This App and Enjoy Relax Free Life

Best Features of ‘All Electrical Formula’ Android App

  • Easy to Use and
  • The User Interface is Very Good
  • 50+ Electrical Engineering Formula Available
  • Don’t Waste Time For Remembering Complex Formula
  • Free For Lifetime
  • Available For Android Mobile Phones

Download All Electrical Formula Android App

10. Circuit Jam

Circuit Jam Electrical Apps For Android

Circuit Jam is an amazing Electrical Apps for Android. The App Main Featured is It’s like a Puzzle Game. You can learn With Fun. They Just Give you Some Challenge like Puzzle Game. If you complete then You will Receive Some Rewards. But, Don’t Think It’s Only Just a Game. But, It also an Education Environment, Where you can Learn About Some New Circuits.

The App Gives You Some Tasks to do. If you Complete the First level. Then, The New Level or Opportunity will Open. Suppose if you Complete the Current Level, The Voltage Level will Open Automatically. Because it Packed with sophisticated graphics and simulation technologies. In the Game, More than 100+ puzzles Available to Complete.

Circuit Jam App Interface

So, that will take you for a fun and exciting ride. Completing New Levels, You will learn about voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and declare victory each time you win. So, This is a Very Good & Best Electrical Engineering Apps For Android.

Best Features of Circuit Jam Android App

  • The app is Free and User Interface is Very Good and Easy to Use.
  • More Than 100+ Puzzles to Complete. So, You will Make More Fun & Learn Something New Every time.
  • Discover 10 essential circuit components
  • Invent your own circuits in the sandbox

Download Circuit Jam Android App


In conclusion,  These are the Best Electrical Apps For Electrical Engineers. So, I Write This Article help you to Find Best Free Electrical Engineering Apps For Your Android Device. If you find your Favourite Electrical Android App, Please Comment Down Below, which app you have chosen. And Let us know. So that we will more happy if you write some comment or suggestion. Thank you very much for reading this Amazing Article.


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