Now you can Run Android Os on PC. Yes, Friends, You can Run Android Os on Any Windows/Mac PC and Laptop For Free Using Phoenix OS. So, In this Article, we will Know What is Phoenix Os, Features, Uses, Download, How to Install and Much More in this Article.

So, this is a Complete guide to Run Android OS on Your Windows/Mac PC and Laptop. Let’s start and know the Best Interesting things about this OS.

What is Phoenix OS?

Phoenix OS is a Modern and Most Enhanced Android OS Based Platform that Can Run Android OS on Any PC and Laptop. So, You can Run and Play Android Apps and Games Easily on Your Old/New PC and Laptop. If your PC is Running on Windows. Then, It will Working Fine.

Similarly, If you are on Mac then. It also Worked on Mac without Any Problem. So, It’s a Best Android OS For Mac, I ever Seen.

Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS For PC Comes with in Two Variant. One is 32 Bit, Knows as x86. And Another is 64bit, Knows as x64. So, If you have a Low end or High-end PC. This Android Operating System will Work Fine. So, It’s One of the Best Android OS For Windows and Mac PC.

Phoenix OS Features

Phoenix OS Comes with Lot’s of Best and Amazing Features. So, Let’s Know The Best Features of this Android OS for Windows/Mac PC and Laptop.

Phoenix OS Features
  • Start Menu Like Windows Operating System
  • Supports Play Store to Download Android Apps and Games APK For Free
  • Multi-Tasking Support and Title Bar like Windows
  • Easily Stretching and Resizing Windows Bar
  • Best Android File Manager in Phoenix OS
  • User-friendly File Manager. Having Amazing Features like LAN Access, Global searching, Cross-windows dragging, Mouse operation, compression and Much More
  • Prevents Auto-Starting Applications to Safe Energy. And Your PC will Run Like a Rocket
  • It Comes with Software like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint and Much More For Free
  • Familiar and intuitive Keyboard. It supports almost all common Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+ V, Ctrl+ A, Ctrl+ C and much more
  • A Clean Notification area just like Windows 10 & Remix OS
  • It Has Own Browser Name Stardust
  • Runs all Android Apps & Games perfectly
  • Free For Lifetime

So, Friends, These are the Best Features of Phoenix Android OS For PC and Laptop. Let’s Find Out, What are the Uses of Phoenix Android Operating System for Windows and Mac PC. So, Let’s get Started.


  • Run Android OS on Windows PC and Laptop
  • Run Android OS on Mac PC and Laptop
  • Play Android Games in Big Screen Using Phoenix OS. You can Play Games like PUBG, Fortnite and Other Android Games for Free
  • It Supports 32 Bit and 64 Bit Android OS.
  • Use Phoenix OS ROC to Play High-End Games on Your OLD/NEW, PC and Laptop For Free.

Download Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS Comes with Two Android Version. One is Android 7.1 and Another is Android 5.1. Choose as Your Choice. But, I Prefer you to Download New Phoenix OS Android Version. Because of It Comes with Googles Latest Security Patches.

Download Phoenix OS For Windows

Phoenix OS For Windows PC

The Phoenix Android OS For PC Supports Windows Platform. So, You Can Enjoy Android Apps and Play Android Games on Windows PC for Free. It Supports 32 Bit and 64 Bit OS Architecture. So, You can Enjoy Phoenix Virtualbox on OLD/New PC/Laptop For Free.

PhoenixOSInstaller-v3.5.0 (Based on Android7.1) For Windows PC/Laptop
PhoenixOSInstaller-v1.5.0 (Based on Android5.1) For Windows PC/Laptop

Download Phoenix OS For Mac

Similarly, The Phoenix OS Android App Player Supports Mac OS. So, You can Run Android Apps and Games on Mac PC/Laptop for Free. The Phoenix OS also Supports 32 Bit and 64 Bit OS Architecture. So, its a Best Android OS For PC. So. Let’s Download the Latest Version of Phoenix OS For Mac.

PhoenixOSInstaller-v3.5.0 (Based on Android7.1) For Mac PC/Laptop

PhoenixOSInstaller-v1.5.0 (Based on Android5.1) For Mac PC/Laptop


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