If you are a Mozilla Firefox user and downloading online to your computer. Then Good news for you. In this post, I have shared with you Top 5 Download Managers For Firefox.

Download Managers For Firefox

So, you can download your favorite music, movies, videos, games, software, and other stuff easily with superfast downloading speed. So friends without wasting any time let know the best firefox download manager with features that should have on software.

In this post, you will know the best download manager extension for firefox browser with all functions like downloading in pieces, superfast downloading setting, speed booster ideas and much more. So, let’s know the first downloading manager for Mozilla firefox.

1. DownThemAll

DownThemAll is Free and Open-Source Download Manager for Firefox. It will help you select, queue, sort and run your downloads faster. It comes with lot’s of advanced ways to download any type of file in a single click.


The best part of this extension is, it detect download link automatically and shows you. The, you can manually select, what to download and what not to do.

DownThemAll Screenshot

Using DownThemAll, You can do renaming files, folder while you are going to save a file. If you don’t want to do it manually. Then it will automatically assign names of a folder or sub-folder.

Best Features of DownThemAll Firefox Extension

  • Free & Open Source Download Manager for Mozilla Firefox
  • Download Multiple Files at One Click.
  • Play & Pause Feature is Available.
  • Supports Files Like Videos, Images, Audio Files, Document Files, etc.
  • Check Download Progress in the Extension User Interface.
  • The Interface is Simple & User Friendly. So, Any One can Use.
  • Supports Different Type of Video Resolution.

2. Download Star

Download Star Download Manager For Firefox

Download Star is a popular download manager for firefox. and it’s an alternative of DownThemAll extension. It’s compatible with Firefox version 48 or more latest version. Download Star works like a pro as DownThemAll worked.

This extension will work, when you load a website page contains with media files like videos, music, images or any type of downloading file. Just you need to select the file as you want to save them on your pc.

Download Star Screenshot

Best Features of Download Star

  • Downloading Multiple Files at a Time
  • Common file types supported like video, audio, images, archive, document, and other files, etc.
  • Pause and Resume Option is Available.
  • Completely Free for firefox users.

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3. Video DownloadHelper

Video Download Helper Logo

Video DownloadHelper is another popular video download manager add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser. Using this tool, you can easily extract videos and images from websites like youtube facebook and other media sharing platforms. After that, you can easily save the extracted files on your computer or laptop.

It is very easy to use. Just you need open any website then click “Video DownloadHelper” toolbar. Then, it will detect the media files for you. Choose the media files you want to download.

After that, hit the download button. The download will be started. So, I choose this extension for best “Download Managers For Firefox List“.

Video DownloadHelper Screenshot

Best Features of Video DownloadHelper

  • Best Video Downloader and Converter For Firefox Web Browser.
  • Video DownloadHelper Supports Media Sharing Platform Like Youtube, DailyMotion, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch and Others.
  • It can capture directly from the screen while you are watching a video and generate a Video on the Output.
  • Supports Streaming Types like HTTP, MP2T, F4F, and More.

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4. Multithreaded Download Manager

MultiThread Download Manager

Multithreaded Download Manager is another best download managers for firefox coming with lots of new features. The Multithreaded extension can download media files with multiple connections to the server. If your network condition is very good. Then, it will work very well.

The Best part of this download tool for firefox is, you can easily increase download by using the Multithreaded Download Manager Extension advance feature. We will give you a complete demo “how to increase download speed in firefox browser. So, you will download any content within a minute.

MultiThread Download Manager Screenshot

Features of Multithreaded Download Manager

  • Download Files in Multi Parts/Packet
  • Easy to Use User Interface
  • Download manager with multithreading support
  • Supports Video, Images, Documents & More Files.
  • Get Multi Files at One Time in Firefox Web Browser.

5. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager is a multi-threading download manager for firefox. It comes with a built-in tool to grab video, audio, and image sources. This is a very good download manager for mozilla firefox with inuilt best features.

Turbo Download Manager Screenshot

Using this download manager extension for fire you can accelerate your downloading speed or to improve download stability on low-quality networks. and download quickly any type of files easily.

Best Features of Turbo Download Manager

  • Support Pause and resume features
  • Supports multi-threading to increase downloading speed
  • Inbuilt internal modules to detect media, video files and image sources
  • Best for Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.
  • Easy to Use and Simple User Interface.


In conclusion, Peoples are always downloading contents from online without any software or extension. sometimes network connection fails or by any cause download fails. By Using These “Top 5 Best Download Managers for Firefox” you download will not failed.

Because all the Extensions Support Pause & Resume Function. So you can easily Download Any Content without any issue.

Friends, All The Online Download Manager Extension For Firefox Inbuilt with Multithreading Support. So, You will Download Any Content Superfast even in a Lower network condition.

I Hope this Article will help you to save a lot’s of research and time. If you find this helpful for you. Then, Don’t forget to Like and Share this Article to Your Friends and Family. So that, They Can Save Their Important times. Thanks For Visiting Tech2Charge. Have a Great Day.


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