how to create a zip file in windows 10

How To Create a Zip File in Windows 7/8/10 PC

Searching For “How to Create a Zip File in Windows 10“. Then, You are in the right place to know, The Best Way to Compress Files and Folders and Convert Zip Format and Rar Format. Using Winrar and Without Winrar in Windows 10 PC. So, Friends, Lets Start and Know to Compress Files Process.

So Friends, In this article. We will Create a Zip File in Windows in 2 Methods. Methods are:-

  • Create a Zip File in Windows 10 Using WinRAR Software
  • Create a Zip File in Windows 10 Without WinRAR Software

Create a Zip File in Windows 10 Using WinRAR

Using WinRAR, You Can Easily Create a Zip File in Windows 10 With Some Easy and Basic Steps. If You Have not the WinRAR Software. Then Please Download WinRAR For Windows PC.

Step 1: Select Files & Folders

Select Files and Folders

First You Need to Select The Files and Folders. Which You Want to Compress and Convert to Zip File.

By Dragging or Pressing Ctrl Key on the Keyboard and Select Each and Every file.

Step 2: Add to Archive

Click Add to Archive

After Selecting Files and Folder. Then, Right Click On Your Mouse. So that an Optional Menu Will Appear.

Then Click “Add to Archive” Option to Open WinRAR Compress File Menu.

Step 3: Rename File & Change Archive Format

Finally Clicking “Add to Archive” Option a New Will Appear. So, In this Windows. You Have Some Multiple Options to Select Like Renaming, Changing Archive Format, Compression Method, Dictionary Size, etc.

Rename and Choose Archive Format

So, Friends, If You Want to Do RAR File or RAR4 File or ZIP File. Then Click on The Radio Button to Select Your Archive Format Very Easily. In the Next Step Rename Your File Name Like Tech2Charge, Tech 2 Charge, etc. So Friends, By doing this our 50% of Works Now Ready.

Step 4: Choose Your Folder or Disk

Click Browse to Open Saved Location

Click the Browse Option to Save the Created Zip file in a Specific Folder or Disk.

Then a New Window will Appear Look Like this(Given Below).

Select Location

Choose Your Folder to Stored the Compressed Zip File in Winrar.

After that Click Save Button to Finalize Your Directory Record.

Step 5: Save Compressed Zip File

Save the Compressed Zip File

Click The “OK” Button To Start Compressing

File Successfully Compressed Using WinRAR

“Hurray” Finished

So, Friends, This is the Complete & Easy Process to Create a Zip File Using WinRAR in Windows 10 PC. So, I Hope You Got The Perfect Idea to Create Amazing Compressed Zip Files in Future. So Let’s Know ‘How to Create a Zip File in Windows 10 Without WinRAR‘.

Create a Zip File in Windows 10 Without WinRAR

Step 1: Select Files & Folders

Select Folders

Select The Files and Folders, Which You Want to Create a Zip File in Windows 10 Without Using WinRAR Software. Then Right Click On it From Your Mouse or TouchPad for Getting Options.

Step 2: Select Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder

So Friends, In this Menu, You Can See Lot’s Of Options to Select. But, You Need to “Hover” On the “Send To” Option in the Action Menu. Then Another Sub Action Menu Will Open.

Click Send to > Compressed (zipped) Folder

In the Sub Action Menu Click “Compressed (zipped) folder” to Compress Folders and Files to Zip Format and Create a Zip File Easily in Windows 10 Without Any Software.

Step 3: Zip File Compression Started

Compression Started

In this Step You Don’t Need to Anything. The Zip File Compression is Now Started. It Will Take Some time to Finish. It Depends on Your PC and the File Size You Are Converting or Compressing.

Step 4: Rename The Zip File

Rename Zip File

Rename The Zip File As Your Choice You Want to Do. So After Renaming. Your File is Now Ready to Use.

Step 5: Zip File is Ready

Zip File Ready

So, The Final Zip File is Ready To Use Without Using a Compressing Software.

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In Conclusion, I Have Shared All Technics and Tips and Tricks to Compress Files and Folders with WinRAR and Without WinRAR in Windows 10 and Made a Zip File Easily.

I Hope You Have Got the Perfect Idea to Create Compressed Files Zip Files in Windows 10 PC Easily. So Friends, Don’t Forget to Like this Article and If Any Doubt Please Comment Down Below.

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