Bliss OS x86 Download For Mobile/PC – (Installation GUIDE & USES)

Bliss OS x86 is an Open Source Android Operating System For Mobile Phones and Computers. The Architecture is Totally Based on Android x86 Project.

The Latest and New Version of Bliss OS is Android 9.0 Pie. Using Bliss You Enjoy Android Operating System in Your Existing Computer and Laptop.

As We Know It’s an Amazing Operating System For Android Lovers. So, In This Article, You Will Know,

  • How to Install Bliss OS x86 on Computer or Laptop
  • Easy Way to Install Bliss ROM on Mobile Phones
  • How to Use Bliss OS x86 Android Operating System in Mobile Phones and Computers.
  • Direct Download Link is Given Below. So that, You Can Easily Download Bliss OS x86 Android 9.0 Pie For Free.

Download Bliss OS x86 For PC & Mobile

Here is The Download Link of Bliss OS x86 Mobile ROM and Computer ISO File. You Can Download It Easily Clicking The “Download Button”.

Bliss OS Mobile ROMs Download Link

The Latest ROM of Bliss OS is Android 9.0 Pie Operating System. It’s a Stable ROM. So, You Can Flash On Your Mobile Phone Without Thinking Anything.

Bliss OS x86 ISO File Download Link is the Owner of This Free Operating System. Now, They are Providing 3 Android Versions for PC. The Versions are Android Pie, Nought and Oreo.

How to Install Bliss OS On PC

There are 2 Ways to Install Bliss OS on PC. The First One is: You Can Create Dual-Boot Mode On Windows Using UEFI Support Feature. The Second One is: You Can Flash or Format PC to Install a Clean Android OS. So, Let’s Discuss the Installation Process of Bliss Operating System.


This is one of The Easy Way to Install Bliss Android Operating System on Windows PC Without Lossing Data. Because in this Process, No Data Will Delete From Your Hard-Drive and The Bliss OS Installed on Your (C:) Drive.

Required Files

  • Bliss OS ISO File: Download Link Given Above
  • WinRAR: Files Compressor Software – Download WinRAR
  • Computer/Laptop: To Install The Software

Software Requirements

  • CPU: Dual-Core (1.8 GHz) Processor
  • RAM: 2GB
  • ROM: 8GB

Installation Guide

  • Download Bliss OS ISO Image File.
  • Install WinRAR in your Windows Computer or Laptop.
  • Extract the Downloaded ISO Image File. Click Here to Know “How to Extract Compressed Files“.
Bliss OS Installation
  • Make Sure You Have to Extract “Bliss-OS-v11.10–OFFICIAL-20190901-1611_x86_64_k-k4.19.50-ax86-ga_m-18.3.5-pie-x86-llvm80_ld-2.4.99-ma-p_dg-pie-x86_dh-pie-x86-rt-Vulkan.iso” Image File.
  • Double-click on the “Androidx86-Installv26.0003.exe” File to Launch the installer.
Installation Guide
  • After Opening of Installer, Android Image: Select the Downloaded ISO File.
  • Target Drive: Select Your Preferred Drive Like (C, D, E, F) Drive to Install the OS.
  • Data Size: Select Storage Capacity (Min 2GB) and click on the Install button. If You Need More Space. Then You Can Increase the Size.
Bliss OS Installation Guide
  • Clicking “Install” Button, The Installation Process is Started.
  • After Sometime installation will be finished.
  • Reboot Your Windows Computer and Select Bliss OS Option. When The Windows Popup OS Options on The Boot Menu.
Video Guide For This Installation From Team
  • That’s It You Are in Android Pie Operating System.


Here is another Easy Method to Install Bliss OS on PC. In this Method, You Need to Format Your Hard-Disk(C: Partition). If You Don’t Want to Loss Important Data. Then, Backup All The Data. Because, In this Process, Your Selected Hard Disk Partition Will Be Formated. So, Let’s Got to The Installation Process.

Required Things

  • Bliss OS ISO File: Download Link Given Above
  • ImgBurn Software: DVD Burning Tool
  • Rufus Software: Bootable USB Maker
  • Min. 4GB Pen-Drive: Creating a Bootable USB Drive
  • Computer/Laptop: To Install The Software

Installation Process

  • Download Bliss OS ISO Image File From The Given Link(Above).
  • (Option 1): If You Have Blank DVD Disk. Then, Burn Bliss OS ISO File to a Blank DVD Using ImgBurn Software. Otherwise, You Can Follow [Option 2].
  • (Option 2): If You Think [Option 1] is Boring. Then, (Option 2) is Best For You. Because In Option 2 You Need a Pendrive. Just, You Need to Create a Bootable USB Drive Using, Rufus.
USB Pendrive
  1. After Creating Bootable Pendrive. Restart Your PC and Plug Your Pendrive Now.
  2. Then, Boot Into Bootable USB Pendrive Shows in The Video.
  3. Then, Select Advanced options from the menu, Followed by the Auto installation Process.
  4. After that, select Yes to Proceed (Note: This Process Will Delete All The Data of The Hard-Drive). It Will Takes Some time to Install The Bliss OS On Your PC.
  5. After, A Short Interval You Can See Bliss OS Logo On Your Laptop or PC.

Bliss OS Uses

Bliss OS For Mobile

Bliss OS is Fully Packed With Android Operating System Features Like Security, Simple UI, Better Performance and Much More Things that You are Using in an Android Operating System.

Using Bliss You Can Use Playstore For Download Android Mobile Apps & Games, Watch Movies, Play Games, Chat Online and Much More Things You Can Do in Your Existing Laptop or Desktop PC Without Buying an Expensive Mobile Phone.

How to Install Bliss OS on Mobile Phone

If Your Mobile Phone Operating System is Outdated and Mobile Phone Hangs Too Much. Then, Bliss OS For Mobile is Another Best Option For You. So let’s Know “How To Install Bliss OS On Mobile Phone”. The Total Process is Show Below in this Video. Watch the Complete Video to Know Everything.

Bliss OS Operating System Supports Every Android Mobile Phone With Touch Screen Facility. You, Will, Get Latest Android 9.0 Pie OS in this ROM.

Required Items

  • Bliss OS ROM: Download Link Given Above
  • TWRP Tool: Helps to Install Bliss Operating System on Mobile
  • Mobile Phone: To Install The ROM

Installation Process

  • Download Bliss OS ROM From
  • Copy The Downloaded ROM File To Your SD Card
  • Install TWRP On Your Mobile Phone
  • Backup All Your Data.
  • Install Bliss Operating System on Your Mobile.
  • All The Helpful Steps Shows in The Video.

Best Alternatives

  • Phoenix OS
  • Remix OS
  • OpenThos Android OS
  • Prime OS

As You Know, All The Installation Process of Bliss OS x86 Android Operating System For Mobiles and Computes. In My Review, Bliss is a Very Good Operating System For Android Lovers. What You Think, Comment Down Below.

If You Have Any Doubt or Query, Don’t Forget To Write Something in the Blank Boxes. So, We Will Give You The Right Answer. Thanks For Reading Our Article and Download Bliss OS For PC and Mobile (ISO/ROM).

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