If you want to stay fit and healthy and looking for the Best Fitness Apps For Android. Then you are in the right place to know the Best Workout Apps for Android Smartphone. Because, fitness is the number one priority in our day to day life.

These apps are really amazing and very helpful for you and you will be satisfied with it’s features. So, lets get started and know something interesting.

List of Best Fitness Apps For Android

Here is the Top Best Collection of Fitness Apps For Android to Get a Healthy Body and Stay Fit Easily. Using these Apps, you can Track all your Activities like Weight Loss, Calorie Burn, Step Count, Heart Beat Rate Count and Much More Things Easily by Downloading the Fitness Apps.

So, Let’s know the First App called Google Fit (My Personal Favorite).

#1. Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking

Google Fit Fitness App For Android

Google Fit is the No.1 Fitness Tracker Apps For Android. It will Working Very Nicely on your Android Mobile Phone. Using this Fitness Tracke App you can easily Improve your health and get a healthy and fit body.

The Google Fit Fitness App is Specially Designed For Android Mobile Phone. It Specially Used to Track Daily Workout, Counting Steps, Calories Burn, Heart Rate Tracking and Much More Function Available. So, you will get a Perfect idea about your Fitness.

Best Features of Google Fit Fitness App

  • Easily Track Daily Workouts, Calories Burn, Heart Rate, Step Count and Much More
  • The Google Fit Fitness App is Totally Free of Cost. So, You Don’t Need to Pay For It.
  • This is a Google Product. So that, you will get Proper Update.

#2. Runtastic Running App & Mile Tracker

Runtastic fitness app for Android

Runtastic App is Designed to Track Running and Count the Mile, So this is another best Fitness Apps For Android Mobile Phone. This Mobile App Gives You Lots More Amazing Features Needed on a Fitness and Workout App.

Runtastic Workout App Help You to Track Distance, Time, Speed, Elevation, Calories burned and other stats with this Fitness app for android mobile phone devices and it also fetch data from your smartwatch. So, This is another Best Fitness Apps For Android Mobile Phone.

Best Features of Runtastic Workout App

  • This App is Totally Free.
  • Get Audio Feedback from Voice Coach to Get Instant Information.
  • Easily Track Workout on Runtastic App and Get Perfect Result.
  • Connect With Android Wear Devices Easily.
  • Share Your Tracking Details With Your Friends easily with the help of Social Media Platforms.

#3. Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Guidance

Nike Training Club Fitness App for Android

Nike Training Club is another best Fitness Apps For Android Mobile Phone Designed by Nike. So, Guys, Nike is one of the Famous Sports Brand Provide Us Sports Products, Accessories, and Much More.

I Personally Use Nike Products and it was really good as compare to another brand. So, let’s go to the topic- Best Workout Apps For your Android Devices. The Nike Official App Gives Us Some Special Features. Let’s Discuss the Features,

Best Features of Nike Training Club

  • Get Personalized Workout Recommendation from Nike.
  • This app will help you to achieve your daily goal.
  • It counts all your activities like daily workout routine, running, calories burned every day, heart rate monitoring and much more features inbuilt in this single app.

#4. Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

Runkeeper Fitness App for Android

Runkeeper is one of the Best Fitness Apps for Android Designed Specially to Track your RUN by Using GPS and Gives you Accurate Result. By Using this App Your Can Track exercise, set goals, sweat, and see progress along the way. This app is one of the most Trusted Fitness Tracking Application Installed by 50 Million Android Mobile Phone Use. So Lets, Discuss the Best Features and Other Things in Short,

Best Features of RunKeeper

  • Invite Friends, to Track each other Progress by Showing your Results with Each Other by Using This Application.
  • This app Play a Motivating Voice or Powerfull Love Story About Fitness, So You Can Get Fit Every day by Listening to the Story.
  • Save, discover, and build new routes with GPS.
  • Stay motivated with exclusive workout experiences and rewards.
  • You Can Connect with Other Apps Like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and More Application by Its Super-Natural Features Created by Man.
  • Sync Android Wear, Pebble, and Garmin watch in seconds by Using the Bluetooth Connectivity Feature.
  • Set Stopwatch Mode While Workout.

#5. MapMyFitness Workout Trainer

MapMyFitness Fitness App for Android

MapMyFitness Workout Trainer App is Another Best Fitness Apps for Android to Track and map every workout with MapMyFitness and get feedback and stats to improve your performance.

Best Features of MapMyFitness Workout Trainer App

  • More Than 600+ Activities Available to Do By Using The MapMyFitness Android App. Activities Like Running, Cycling, Walking, GYM Workouts, Cross Training, YOGA, and Much More.
  • Get Voice Feedback on Every GPS Tracked Workout.
  • Track Mileage by Using Gear Tracker.
  • Use Routes to Find Nearby Places to Do Workout on the Internal Feature of the MapMyFitness Android App.

#6. JEFIT Workout Tracker

Jefit Fitness App for Android

JEFIT is one of the Most Popular and Most Used Fitness Apps For Android Mobile Devices. It Commonly Used to Track Daily Workout, Fitness, Health Status, and Much More Features are Included in this Single Mobile Application. The JEFIT Mobile Application is Totally Free of Cost and It’s Specially Designed for GYM Going Boys and Girls to Track His/Her Workouts. So, This is Another Best Fitness Apps For Android Mobile Devices Used to Track your Workouts.

Best Features of JEFIT Fitness App

  • This application is Totally Free and Comes with Most Premium Features.
  • Use App and Web app to Check All Your Fitness History on JEFIT.
  • Get 1300+ demonstrations and variations with HD video from experts to Learn Something New From the Experts. This is my favorite and easy method to learn something new by playing videos.
  • Get Most Useful Tools like rest Timer, Supersets, Interval Timers, Body Measurements Log, Notes, Schedule Planner, Notes.
  • Set Goals to Loss Weight Quickly and Get Perfect Fitness Body as You Want by Completing all your Goals.

#7. Strava Training: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming

Strava Fitness App for Android

Strava Training App is one of the Best Fitness Apps for Android Mobile Phone Designed for Runners, who participated in the race. Using this app you can track your run, ride and swim easily by using this application and analyze your activity easily. You also share your route with your social media account to notified other peoples and much more facilities available on this workout app.

Best Features of Strava Training App

  • Easily Track and Analyze the Distance, Speed, Calories and More Things for Free.
  • The Strava Training Fitness app is Very Useful for Marathon Runners.
  • New Challanges Everyday to Complete and Ready to Win the Race.

#8. Sworkit: Workouts & Fitness Plans

Sworkit Fitness App for Android

Sworkit is another best exercise apps for the Android mobile phone to learn, track and share exercise easily and get a healthy body every day. Its a no 1 rated fitness apps for android that peoples are voted to this application. This fitness application provides you with lots of interesting exercise to fit your body and get new exercise with pictures every day.

Best Features of Sworkit Fitness App

  • Get Guided Workout Plan to get the healthy body.
  • More than 200+ workouts and exercises available.
  • The App is Free Also Available on Web Version.

#9. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter Fitness App for Android

Calorie Counter is one of the best fitness apps for the Android mobile phone to help you to lose weight quickly and get effective result. It Contains More Than 6 Million Foods Chat including Global and Cuisines item help you to know what is best and good for you with all details. You Can Also Add a Food in the ‘food chart’ manually by using the barcode scanner.

The Calorie Counter Also Gives You amazing Amazing Features Like Recipe Importer, Restaurant Logging, Food Insights, Calorie Counter, Calorie Burner and Tracker and Much More Features.

Best Features of Calorie Counter

  • Biggest Food Database to Find Most Healthy Foods.
  • easily calculate the calories in your foods, meals, and recipes. 
  • Loss Weight Quickly By Completing the Goals.
  • Most Amazing Tools are Provided to Track your Workout.

#10. Home Workout – No Equipment

Home Workout Fitness App for Android

Home Workouts is another Best Fitness Apps For Android Mobile Phone and It’s Specially Designed for Body-Builders. Using This Fitness Application you Can Build Muscles and Keep Fitness at Home Without Going to Gym.

This will help you to increase Abs, Chest, Arm and Overall Body Fitness Good with the Stage by Stage Workout Method. So, You have to follow the application rule to get a Healthy and fit body quickly and easily.

Best Features of Home Workout Fitness App

  • Easily Make Your Body Without Joining the Gym and Save Your Money.
  • Get Perfect Workout Training to Build Muscles Quickly and Easily Using Desi Method.
  • Get a Proper Video Chart to Learn Something New by Watching the Training Videos.
  • Quickly Loss Weights.

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So Guys, In this Article We Have Discussed the Top and Best Fitness Apps For Android Mobile Phone. Also we have discussed the best features and facilities of these fitness apps. So, Friends, What is your favourite fitness app and why you choose that. Please comment down below or anything you want to told me. Please, don’t forget to comment down below.


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