Best Features of Spotify Web Player and Its Benefits

Spotify is an Online Audio Streaming Platform. You will access million of songs in the Spotify Application or Spotify Web Player. Spotify has more than 180 million listeners. the audio streaming company providing a free & paid way to listen to online music. 83 million peoples already bought the paid service. Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming service.

Best Features of Spotify Web Player


Get The Best Sound Quality

The Spotify Web Player Comes With a Beautiful UI & Lot’s of Option to Control the Music & Choose the Best Audio Type. So, You will get a better user experience in my word. Also, you can change the sound quality – choose Normal (96 kbps), High (160 kbps) or Very High (320 kbps). You Need to Pay for the service. But that’s a small price to pay for better listening.

Create Playlist

Spotify is really amazing. Because, it also includes the playlist feature in the Spotify Web Player UI. So, I love this feature and I really like it. Because I love this type of feature to add my favourite music, a song to add in the category which you love. when you will free then open the playlist and enjoy.

Build your Own Music Library

There are a few ways to construct your own music library. It’s one way to add your favorite tracks to playlists while saving music to your own library is another. Add tracks, albums, radio stations for artists hitting plus or save the sign.

Recover a deleted playlist

Spotify’s Account website can help restore playlists that you’ve deleted. Log in, go to ‘Account Settings’, and select ‘Recover Playlists’.

Share music with friends using Spotify Codes

Spotify Web Player New Features is Spotify Short Code and the Features is available on the Spotify Application. So, this is the way to share music is to Spotify codes. Scan a code on your friend’s phone to download a song or import code to hear the latest single from an artist. You can also scan code from a billboard, poster or flyer. Tap the ‘…’ context menu next to a song, and at the bottom of the album artwork you will see a Spotify code appearing.

So, Friends, These are the Best Features of Spotify Web Player. New Features will Update soon. Please comment down which feature you have liked in this article.

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