Looking For Best Free Android OS For PC and Want to Run Android Apps/Games on Windows PC/Laptop. Then, You are in the Right Place to Know the Best Android OS for Windows PC/Laptop.

In this post you will know Top 5 Best Free and Open Source Android OS that will Run Android Apps On Your Windows PC/Laptop. and We Also Know the Top & Best Features of these 5 Android OS and its Benefits in This Article. So, Let’s Start.

List of Top 5 Best Free Android OS For PC/Laptop (32/64) Bit

Here is the Complete List of Top 5 Best Free and Open Source Android OS For PC and Laptop. These Operating Supports Both Architecture (32 Bit and 64 Bit). So, You can Run As Much As Application and Games as Per Your Computer Specification. So, Friends, This is the List,

  • Phoenix OS
  • Remix OS
  • OpenThos Android OS
  • Prime OS
  • Bliss OS

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1. Phoenix OS

Phoenix Android OS For PC

Phoenix OS‘ is a Popular Android OS For PC. It is a Fully Enhanced Computer Based Android Operating System able to Run Android Apps & Games on PC and Laptop. This Android Operating System will Work On Smart Tablets, Laptops, Desktop Computer and Other Large Screen Devices Without Any Issue.

Using ‘Phoenix OS’, You Can Play Your Favourite Android Game on Your Windows PC. It also Works On Low-End Computers. Comes with some latest features to play your favorite Android Game on PC/Laptop. So, Friends, If You are Searching For a Best Android OS For PC or Laptop. This is the Best OS For Windows PC and Laptop.

Phoenix OS Features

  • Play on a Big Screen
  • Use Your Favourite Android App on PC
  • Controls like a Gaming PC
  • Keymapping for Specific Android Games
  • Game Assistant 3.0 – Octopus keymapping engine
  • Shooting mode
  • Smart casting
  • Notification center
  • Multi-windows settings
  • Ethernet support
  • App clones
  • Supports (32/64) bit PC/Laptop

Download Phoenix OS For PC

2. Remix OS

Remix Android OS For PC

Remix OS‘ is a Free Android Operating System Developed by Jide. This OS Comes with Lot’s of Basic Android Features, That an OS Should Have. The User Interface is Look Like Windows OS, But The Function Contains Android. It’s Clean, Very Simple and Easy to Use. So, This is Another Best Android OS For PC and Laptop. If You have an Old PC. Then, It’ll Wor Fine with Low-End PC.

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I Personally Used Remix Os in My Computer and PC to Run Android Apps on PC. So I would prefer to use this for playing Computer games and surfing the Internet on Android. Also, you can use utility apps on this android Os. So, Work will suggest to must download this Android OS for PC. So, Friends Let’s Talk about some Special Features of this OS.

Remix OS Features

  • Multi-tasking Made Easy
  • Taskbar
  • Start Menu
  • System Tray
  • Right Side Vertical Notification Bar Like Mac OS
  • Lot’s of Computer Keyboard Shortcodes will Work
  • Right Click Work on Mouse like Windows & Mac
  • File Manager Like Linux OS
  • It Supported Microsoft Office and It’s Function]
  • Install Android Apps Directly Via Playstore
  • Supports (32/64) bit PC/Laptop

Download Remix OS For PC

3. OpenThos Android OS


OPENTHOS is a free and Open Source Android Operating System Based on Android-x86. It Comes with Lot’s of Android Basic Features that an Android OS Should Have. The User Interface is Very Similar to Android OS. You can Use this Android Project to Run Some Android Apps & Games on Your Windows PC. So, It’s another Best Free Android OS For PC and Laptop.

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Using OPENTHOS Android OS in Your PC. You Can Easily Play Android Games on PC. Because it has a Simple User Interface with Lower Customization. So You can Easily Run Android Games on Laptop/PC Easily with One Click. So, Let’s Know the Best Features of this App.

OPENTHOS Android OS Features

  • Free and Open source Android OS
  • Multi-Window Manager, Task Manager, File Explorer and Much More
  • Graphics User Interface(GUI) is Too Good and Easy to Use
  • UEFI Boot Manager with support for Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Integrated Cloud Services
  • Easily RUN Android Apps
  • Easily RUN Android Games
  • Supports (32/64) bit PC/Laptop

Download OPENTHOS Android OS For PC

4. Prime OS

Prime OS

Similarly, Prime OS is Yet Another Free Android OS For PC. It Provides Lot’s of Function and Features. Using Prime OS, You will Get Complete Desktop Experience in Android OS. This Software is Specially Designed to Use Android Application in Windows PC. and Play Android Games on Old Laptop or Desktop for Free. Because it is a Free and Open Source Android OS For PC.

The User Interface of this OS is Very Beautiful. Because it Looks like Using Windows 10. I Love the Interface of this OS. So, If you are Searching for a Best Android OS with Beautiful User Interface. I would Suggest Prime OS. Because it’s a Full Packed Operating System with Latest and Amazing Features. So, Let’s know the Best Features of Prime OS.

Prime OS Features

  • Get Desktop Experience in Android OS
  • Android Gaming in Old PC or Laptop
  • Play As Much As You Want. Because this Os is Best For Gaming
  • Opengapps included
  • It’s Best Compare to Android Emulators
  • Supports (32/64) bit PC/Laptop

Download Prime OS For PC

5. Bliss OS

Bliss OS

Bliss OS is Another Best Free Android OS For PC. It’s Specially Designed to Run Android Apps/Games on Windows PC. It’s Totally Free and OpenSource Android OS. I am also Using this as my Secondary Android OS to Run Multiple Android Apps on a Single Computer. The Performance is really Amazing and the User Interface is also Awesome in terms of UI.

If You are Searching For an Android ROM For PC. Then, The Bliss is Another Best Alternative of Other Android ROM For PC/Laptop. That Can Run Android Apps and Games on Windows PC and Laptop without Any Lag. So, Friends Let’s Know Some Amazing Features of Bliss.

Bliss OS Features

  • Focus on design: The User Interface of Bliss is Pretty Cool
  • Battery-friendly: Last Longer Performance
  • Customized settings: Easily Customize Setting with Lot’s of Setting Options
  • Added Security: AOSP security updates are merged regularly
  • Performance: The Bliss OS Performance is Really Good
  • Compatibility: ARM/ARM64 app compatibility
  • Supports (32/64) bit PC/Laptop

Download Bliss OS For PC


In Conclusion, In this Article, We have Known the Best and Free Android OS For PC and Laptop. Also, We have written the Best Option Available in the Android OS Market. Using These Softwares You Can Easily Run Android Apps and Games on Your Old PC and Laptop. If you have found this article helpful for you. Never Forget To Share this Article with your friends and Family. If you have any Query or Question. Please let me know below in the Comment Section. Thanks For Reading This Amazing Article.


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